Look under the Modules page for my Drupal contrib work.
My github profile is here.

My freelance work has included a number of Drupal sites:

  • - The official website for the Eclipse Phase RP setting. I came into the project after the initial developer had to step away. I completed the installation to Drupal 6, guided the site through a server migration, and an update to Drupal 7 as well as re-themed the site into a responsive theme for the Drupal 7 upgrade.
  • - The official fansite for the Planescape RP setting. This site originally was in another proprietary CMS. I was the sole developer responsible for converting it from the previous CMS to Drupal 5, and responsible for upgrades to Drupal 6.
  • - An online roleplaying community implemented on the Drupal 7 platform. Vaxia is a fully automated Play-by-Post system, with XP handling integrated into character sheets and posting. It involved an extensive data migration from the previous perl based system, and is an ongoing project requiring AJAX, Javascript, PHP and MySQL features in addition to standard Drupal features. The code is open source and available at:

In addition I''ve crafted custom PHP applications for a number of my clients:

  • Wizards of the Coast: WotC''s Community Site ran a yearly online convention called UnCon. In years past UnCon events would award prizes to patrons but the system to distribute those prizes was chaotic at best and prone to confusion and misplaced inventory. The inventory system I created:
    • Tracked available prizes vs. claimed prizes.
    • Provided a system for event organizers to select the type of prize to award.
    • Provided a system for winners to select the specific prize they wanted, and provide a mailing address.
    • Sent email feedback throughout the entire process.
    • Created a CVS file for management to track patron use.

    Patron feedback on UnCon prizes went from rock bottom to 98% approval from all patrons.