Hiring Me

These are an eyeball of course. I know some shops prefer to work with a bid per job approach, and for larger work that crosses between many types of tasks I would absolutely encourage that approach.

Maintenance I usually recommend locking in five hours over a span of time. That way those spare hours can be used on little 5 minute things here and there - or built up to be put to use on a larger maintenance routine / need.

Drupal module development 								75
Drupal test development 								75
Drupal theme development								50
Drupal basic site install (no custom)							40
Drupal site support									40

Wordpress plugin development 								65
Wordpress basic install (no custom)							40
Wordpress site support									40

cakePHP development									65
cakePHP site support									40

plain PHP / MySQL development								65
plain PHP / MySQL site maintenance (no new features)					40

HTML / CSS / Javascript development							40
HTML / CSS / Javascript site maintenance						40

Devops / server admin (Linux)								50
MySQL data transformation work								40
Misc work (Excel scripts, etc)								40

General tech research									20
General tech documentation								20
General tech training (one on one)							20